What are the advantages and functions of CBB film capacitors

2023-09-01 15:17:28

The so-called CBB capacitor, we usually refer to the capacitor mainly made from metallized polypropylene film. There are many kinds of capacitors, such as CBB21, CBB22, CBB20, CBB81, CBB13, MMKP82, CBB60, etc. What are the advantages of CBB film capacitor and what are its common functions? Koya's short edition will popularize some relevant knowledge.


So what are the common CBB capacitors?


CBB20 axial capacitor, generally with flat circular or cylindrical appearance, is a kind of capacitor using metallized polypropylene film as dielectric and electrodes, wrapped with flame retardant tape and sealed with epoxy resin. It is suitable for AC and DC circuits of instruments, instrumentation, household appliances, etc. It is widely used in crossover lines of audio systems. For example, axial capacitors are often used in many microphones and audio systems, and also in some ultrasonic masks.


CBB21 and CBB22 metallized polypropylene film capacitors. CBB21 is different from CBB22 in the past. CBB21 cannot be used in high frequency circuits, but now material technology has made great progress. CBB21 and CBB22 capacitors have no difference. This is a film capacitor with metallized polypropylene film as dielectric and electrode, epoxy resin sealed film capacitor, and also a film capacitor with the largest usage in film capacitor.


CBB22 thin film capacitor, CBB21/22 capacitor usage is particularly large, it is widely used in instruments, instrumentation, TV and home appliances lines for DC pulse, pulse, and AC voltage reduction, especially for various types of energy-saving lamps and electronic rectifiers.


MMKP82 capacitor, MMKP82 is a double-sided metallized polypropylene film capacitor, because it uses double-sided steamed film, so it has smaller volume than CBB81 capacitor, the two functions are exactly the same, but the capacity of MMKP82 is smaller, more resistant to high temperature and humidity environment.