What is the need to install a voltage monitor?

2023-09-01 15:21:07

Voltage monitor, or voltage detector, is one of the products of power management integrated circuit ic. Voltage monitor is a statistical voltage monitor that continuously monitors and statistics the voltage deviation caused by the slow change of the normal operation state of power system. It has functions of monitoring, analysis, memory, query, parameter setting, etc.


At present, the voltage monitor is developing towards intellectualization, forming a good network management system. However, its power supply system and operating environment are still running in isolation, and its status can not be effectively supervised in the central station. From the operation analysis of substation power system, we find that the equipment power supply system and operation environment have become the key factors that restrict the safe operation of communication and computer network, so it is especially important to centralize real-time monitoring of power supply system operation and environment.


01 Data Acquisition


The voltage monitor has the functions of automatically monitoring, displaying and recording the voltage, charging and discharging current of the accumulator group, the voltage of the accumulator unit, the temperature of the unit, the environment temperature and the resistance of the accumulator unit. Through the system, the remote monitoring and management function is implemented, the operating parameters of the accumulator can be viewed in real time, the DC system diagram can be displayed, and the operation data can be displayed intuitively in forms of tables, graphics, and other forms, and the related history can be queried.


Voltage monitor monitoring data should be sent to the centralized system for unified processing and interconnected with the communication management system through standard interfaces. Centralized systems, monitoring units, monitoring modules and other communication power monitoring systems should use standard interfaces for data interconnection.


02 Alert Management


In the voltage monitor, operation and maintenance personnel can set normal range of monitoring voltage, temperature, internal resistance and other data according to actual needs. When the corresponding alarm appears, the system will inform the responsible person of the alarm information through pager or fax according to the set alarm level and the division of responsibility and authority, so that they can handle it in time.


03 User Management


The data server has user management function, can add or delete the list of managers, management rights settings, etc. It should provide different management rights, which can be divided into system administrator, operator, general browser level to ensure the safe operation of the system, with hierarchical login and rights control functions.


The voltage monitor is designed with reference to DL500-92, the standard of electric power industry, Technical Conditions for Order of Voltage Monitors. This product uses large-scale programmable logic gate array (GA), high-speed and high-precision D/A converter, through direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to generate single-phase adjustable frequency, amplitude, tune the signal source, and then amplify the signal by high-power Precision Operational amplifier. The product has built-in high-precision voltage, current, power and time standards, and uses analog closed-loop feedback and digital PID adjustment to automatically and stably track and set parameters for a long time.