What is the effect of capacitors on car audio?

2023-09-01 15:22:42

As we all know, there are capacitors, resistors, inductors and other electronic components in the passive sound divider of car audio. These three kinds of materials directly affect the performance of speakers. The value of each part is selected according to the original design. To put it more clearly, it is the best sound effect combination in the budget of this product level that the original manufacturer thinks.


A capacitor is an element that stores electric quantity and electric energy (electric potential energy). A conductor is surrounded by another conductor, or the electric field lines emitted by one conductor are all terminated in the conductor system of the other conductor, which is called a capacitor.


The capacitor (c) forms an LCR frequency dividing line with the resistor (R) and the inductor coil (L) on the sound line. When the output signal of the power amplifier passes through the LCR network, the frequency dividing point originally designed by the Institute will be handled and the high and low frequencies will be separately transmitted to different speakers.


LCR network is designed by engineers of various factories, ranging from the simplest two tone channel to the top multi tone channel. The circuit of LCR is also designed by the engineers of each factory. Each audio circuit has from the most basic one capacitor and inductor (first-order frequency division) to multiple capacitors and inductors (multi-order frequency division).


Since the theoretical value phase of the signal passes through the capacitor is reversed by 90 degrees (in the case of zero loss of the capacitor, but it is impossible to achieve with the current technology), and the phase of the signal passes through the inductor is advanced by 90 degrees (the resistance is used to reduce the SPL emitted by the monomer and the grounding effect), it is thought that the signal phase will be restored to the original phase, unless different numbers are used as the design of signal phase difference and impedance correction, Generally, the same number of capacitors and inductors must be used for the complete frequency dividing line. Therefore, the importance of the internal parts of the frequency divider to the sound cannot be ignored.