Sustaining Customer Interest with Quality-Focused Procurement at CIS

To continuously engage our customers, CIS places paramount importance on quality control in procurement. We have established a robust distribution system and garnered years of invaluable market experience. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive excess inventory management services, including excess inventory purchasing and consignment.

Consignment Services:

CIS's consignment program is designed to yield the maximum return on your inventory management efforts. You can entrust your inventory to CIS, and we will leverage our extensive global distribution network and years of market expertise to identify optimal market opportunities worldwide, ensuring the highest fund recovery. Additionally, our advanced inventory management system allows customers to track and manage their inventory efficiently.

Excess Inventory Recycling:

In the rapidly evolving electronics industry, manufacturers often accumulate surplus or abandoned components, resulting in capital tied up in inventory. Effective excess inventory management is crucial for companies looking to unlock funds and enhance competitiveness.

Why Choose CIS for Your Inventory Management Needs? Our Advantages:

Global Client Platform: Quickly connects you with the most suitable buyers for your slow-moving stock.

Powerful Database Management: Swiftly analyzes potential market demand for your stagnant inventory.

Efficient and Secure Logistics: Facilitates seamless stock transfers between domestic and international warehouses, ensuring minimal lead times for customers.

Real-Time Information: Offers the latest, most up-to-date information, optimizing the value of your stagnant inventory.

Slow-Moving Stock Packaging Projects:

Our slow-moving stock packaging projects are tailored to expedite the recovery of inventory value. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your slow-moving inventory, determining the maximum value for recovery in the current market. We purchase your inventory at the agreed-upon price, reducing your storage, transportation, and carrying costs while swiftly realizing the recycling value.